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Service Highlights:

No installation or maintenance — easy access via your browser

Easy email creation using built-in or custom templates

Fast delivery through our mailservers guarantees you high inboxing rates

Low monthly subscription fee or pay-as-you-go payment

Detailed delivery statistics

Atomic Email Service allows you to send professionally personalized emails without embarrassing lists of other recipients in the CC field and BCC's -undisclosed recipients-. You can address your contacts by their first name and they will not see if somebody else gets the same letter.

Send emails immediately or schedule for a later date. Want to send an email early in the morning — just set the date and time and it will be sent while you drink your morning coffee!

Q. What is the speed of email message sending?
A. Email sending speed is 100 000 messages per hour.

Q. How often can I send an email to the same mailing list?
A. It is not recommended to send your email message more often than in 3 hours for the same mailing list. Otherwise your email messages will be rejected as spam or other delivery errors will appear.

Q. Can I add more Sender's Emails?
A. You are not limited in amount of Sender's Emails.

Q. Can I create a custom template?
A. Yes, you can. Just create the email message you want as a template (Step 2. — creating a campaign), press "Save as a new template" and set its name. Your created template will be saved automatically to the "Personal" category.

Also you can add a template from "Email templates". Create the new message as a template in the "Manage templates', insert its name and save by clicking "Save as a new template".

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