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We offer aggressive, affordable SEO services in Canada. We help budget conscious businesses reach the top of the search results. On search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  All across Canada whether Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax or Calgary. We get your business found locally. We are professionals, working for professionals and can prove our success.

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Your Business Benefits With SEO

Google now dominates consumer searches for local businesses and services. Stop advertising to customers who might want your product or service. Find customers who are looking for your product or service. Now is your chance to expand your business. Now is the time to make more money. seo services

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  • What Will You Do For Me?

    Analyze: We analyze your industry, website, competition and how customers are trying to find you.
    Guide: We make the modifications or suggestions on how to improve your website for search engine optimization.
    Track: How many visitors do you have daily? Where are your visitors coming from? How are they finding you?
    Drive: We drive your website up in the rankings. This is not a subscription, we can not turn off your success.
    Perfect: At the end. We analyze your success and what else can be done to perfect your online presence.

    UPDATE: We have partnered with toronto seo expert J Clayton. Mr Clayton has been a professional seo expert and consultant to many businesses in various industries. While partnered with Blow Me Up he will be focusing his expertise on helping businesses that have multiple locations. In order for your company to receive the full benefit of website optimization, all the locations of your company have to be listed, verified and optimized for the search engines. With a better online presence will come an increase on customers and leads.

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Canada SEO Services

Our business is simple. We increase your websites exposure to consumers currently looking for your product or service in search engines. Never before have you had such an opportunity to target customers with cash in hand. This process never sleeps. Each and every day, at any time of the day, customers are Googling for your product or service. What happens to your business when you’re the first search result always found in Google? It expands your sales, your exposure and your credibility as a trusted brand. Our business is to get you MORE CUSTOMERS and MORE MONEY. For every $1 you invest in us, you should receive $10 to $100 back or more and we can prove it.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the art of outranking your competitors on search engines results. We focus on organic search results. Most Google searchers click on the first 3 natural search results. Paid advertising is often bypassed. We help get you into those top 3 coveted spots. Turning Google searches into cash for your business.

Our SEO company made one website over $110,000 in income and brought in over 130,000 unique visitors

We Can Prove Our Success

It’s A Competitive World

And we offer aggressive search engine optimization services in Canada. This chart shows the average click through rate of organic search results. Progressively the further your webpage is from the first result, the less chance your business has of being found.

SEO is Not Cheating or Fraudulent

Google’s public facing SEO personality actively promotes SEO. Search engine optimization is a variety of legitimate techniques that WILL get your website ranked higher. We employ safe SEO in Canada techniques.

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Our Professional Internet Marketing Services

Our website marketing services have one goal in mind. Make your company more money. Through successful internet marketing, your website will be turned into a lead generation machine, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Just having a website is NOT good enough. Your website must be found at the top of the search engine results when potential clients go looking for your product or service. This can only be done by successful and professional website marketing firms such as We have years of experience with search engine optimization and internet marketing, we can PROVE our success and we guarantee our services. We will get your company found, you will get you more visitors and this will make you more money.

An Example Of Our Aggressive SEO Work

We had the opportunity to build this site from the ground up. Did it pay off? Most clients are happy to reach #1 for their chosen business in the city they serve. This mortgage broker tries to dominate in the 50 largest cities in Ontario and they do. From 0 to over 100,000 unique visitors and 250,000 page views in 2 years, and growing. Could your business use that kind of growth? This is the kind of impact search engine optimization can have. These are not ambiguous or irrelevant search terms. Google any of the keywords yourself to verify. We dominated 50 cities in a highly competitive industry for a ridiculous return on investment. Who’s next?

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