The Predicament of Site Migrations and the Rules to Fix It

If you’ve recently opted for site migration in Toronto and now your website rank is going low, chances are it’s not the fault of your SEO company Toronto. Maybe the issue is with faulty site migration. Several times you might lose out traffic due to improper data migration, and spend time fixing 404s or 301’s.

Now, data migration can cause various problems altogether. But, the good news is one can learn from mistakes, right? So, listed below are common mistakes involved during redirecting.

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Check These Out:

  1. Unsure Ownership

As an advertiser, it’s easy to point fingers at your selected SEO company Toronto when the real culprit is unclear ownership. If you’re on a small team that is novel to site migration, chances are confusions may arise. With complications like who is dealing with site migration effectively, every member initiates a blame game and this leads to unstable ownership.

  1. Deadlines

Certain SEO companies also deal with site migration options. However, for a redirect to look authentic it’s vital to work on content, buttons, template etc. Now, when the time is limited redirects are done in a hurry and are left wayside.

As a result, the amount of suitable leads it’s supposed to garner starts minimizing. Site migration needs careful consideration to be done optimally.

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Now, among other potential mistakes, the last one is leaving the job to a non-SEO expert. A non-SEO professional doesn’t understand the need for formatting and content management during redirection. Hence, he/she might leave out necessary changes that can lead to a weak redirect.

Moving on, now with the problems listed, here come the solutions!

Needful Rules for Redirection

  1. One to One Redirects

Redirecting all the pages to a blog page or a homepage is blasphemous in the digital dictionary. The reason being Google will read that Page X has now navigated to page Y, where these pages haven’t navigated to the homepage in reality.

Hence, ensure that you’re web design Toronto opts for only one to one redirects. Here, the URL’s need linking to its specified location one to one. In this way, the above confusion won’t arise.

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  1. Loop issue

Another problem for your SEO company in Toronto to look out for is the formation of loops. Let’s say you are URL A and you chose to redirect to URL B and C and then bounce back to A again. This will keep you revolving in a loop and hence, install tools like Screaming Frog to gather redirect report. In case you are facing this loop issue, contact your agency and look for alternative methods.

  1. Stay Alert of Redirect Chains

Limit the use of redirect chains as much as possible. Let’s assume you have URL A and you then decide to move to B and later maybe redirect to C. Now, the better option here is to not use the lengthy procedure and directly redirect to C.

In this way, collaborate with your trusted SEO company in Toronto and utilize the above rules to eliminate the mistakes of site migration. Now, redirect properly and use the correct content to target more leads.